A downloadable Demo for Windows

Duskwitch: Heroic Soul is a fast-paced character action shooter where you play as Rutie, a Witch that is tasked with saving the world after nearly ending it herself. Harness the power of the Broom and style your way through the apocalypse as the Duskwitch!

This is a small demo that lets you try just the training room that we test new moves in right now. It's very bare bones, but I'd like to see what people come up with. As we add more moves we'll keep updating the thing! Patrons will be able to grab the new builds first. 

Music credit to Scarlet Moon Productions, they gave us some awesome library tracks to use as a placeholder!

Game is mostly designed around mouse and keyboard, but gamepad is usable too.

This is a pre alpha sorta thing! Our real demo will be done in a few months.

Once the next build is ready, the project will be updated to be available to patrons only. Probably through a separate project so people can download this one for free still.

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Install instructions

the game is called BeltWitch.exe. You can see the move list in MOVELIST.txt. Controls can be viewed ingame.


DuskwitchBuild.rar 1 GB

Development log


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The movement and combat seems awesome!

Judging from the Steam page, the setting and story seem very interesting too!

I can't wait to see where you take this


Thank you! We're gonna go places with this one!